Lightweight blogging engine with Markdown support.
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Semantic versioning is used (


  • Added article_start and article_end
  • Added build in variables ({{URL.Full}} and {{URL.Path}})
  • Disallow access to config files. Now return 403 HTTP code.
  • Fix: site URL detection
  • Update Golang 1.15.15 => 1.18.1


  • Fix: HTML tags in autotitle


  • Added automatic page title generation
  • Allowed to add additional tags to <head>...</head>


  • Added automatic sitemap generation
  • Added reverse proxy support
  • Allow use index.htmlp as index page
  • Documented sitemap, reverse proxy and FAQ


  • Added custom error pages
  • Added support for HTMLP format
  • Page rendering is documented


This is the first release with only basic functionality implemented here:

  • Page formatting in Markdown
  • Custom page header and footer (in Markdown)
  • Custom CSS style
  • HTTP and HTTPS