Allows you to see the availability of popular services from the terminal.
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rs-status is utility that allows you to see the availability of popular services from the terminal. Many popular services are supported, such as GitHub, Dropbox, DigitalOcean, Discord, Reddit, and others.

How it works?

All of the above services use the status page from Atlassian ( This program retrieves information from the public status API and outputs it to the terminal.


Get detailed information about one service:

rs-status -format="long" -target="GitHub"

Get short information about many services:

rs-status -format="short" -target="GitHub DigitalOcean Discord"

Get short information of all known services:

rs-status -format="short" -target="all"

Read more in the help:

rs-status -help



Under Linux there are several options available. All of them can be found on the release page:

  • DEB
  • RPM
  • Lonely binary

Another UNIX-like systems

  1. Download a binary file for your OS and architecture from the release page
  2. Make the program executable
  3. Place program in /usr/local/bin/ or in another directory provided for installing binary files


Bugs and Suggestion

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, create an Issue here