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Themes for WEB interface


Lenpaste has two built-in themes: dart and light. You can switch between the themes in the settings.

You can also add your own themes by placing them in the /data/themes/ directory in Docker. If you work with bare metal, specify the path to the themes folder using the -ui-themes-dir flag.

Specife default server theme

You can also specify the default theme with the LENPASTE_UI_DEFAULT_THEME variable in Docker. Or the -ui-default-theme flag for bare metal.

The value of this parameter must match the name of the theme file without an extension. For example: dark, light, my_theme.

Create custom theme

Use one of the themes from the ./internal/web/data/theme/ directory as a base. The extension .theme in the file name is mandatory.

If you miss a theme parameter, it will be replaced by the default one.