Web service that allows you to share notes anonymously, an alternative to pastebin.com. There is its own API. https://paste.lcomrade.su
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Lenpaste is a web service that allows you to share notes anonymously, an alternative to pastebin.com.


  • No need to register
  • Uses cookies only to store settings
  • Can work without JavaScript
  • Has its own API
  • Open source and self-hosted

Public servers list

Server Description
paste.lcomrade.su Server managed by the Lenpaste developer.
code.dbt3ch.com Server is managed by DB Tech. He made a video about Lenpaste v1.1.

Launch your own server

  1. If you don't already have Docker installed, do so:
apt-get install -y docker docker.io docker-compose
  1. Use a file like this docker-compose.yml:
version: "2"

    image: git.lcomrade.su/root/lenpaste:latest
    restart: always
      # All parameters are optional
      - LENPASTE_ADDRESS=:80                 # Set -address flag
      - LENPASTE_DB_DRIVER=sqlite3           # Set -db-driver flag
      - LENPASTE_DB_SOURCE=/data/lenpaste.db # Set -db-source flag
      - LENPASTE_DB_CLEANUP_PERIOD=3h        # Set -db-cleanup-period flag
      - LENPASTE_ROBOTS_DISALLOW=false       # If true set -robots-disallow flag
      - LENPASTE_TITLE_MAX_LENGTH=100        # Set -title-max-length flag. If 0 disable title, if -1 disable length limit.
      - LENPASTE_BODY_MAX_LENGTH=10000       # Set -body-max-length flag. If -1 disable length limit. Can't be -1.
      - LENPASTE_MAX_PASTE_LIFETIME=never    # Set -max-paste-lifetime flag. Examples: 2d, 12h, 7m.
      - LENPASTE_ADMIN_NAME=                 # Set -admin-name flag.
      - LENPASTE_ADMIN_MAIL=                 # Set -admin-mail flag.
      # /data/lenpaste.db - SQLite DB
      # /data/about.html  - About this server
      # /data/rules.html  - This server rules
      - "${PWD}/data:/data"
      - "/etc/timezone:/etc/timezone:ro"
      - "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro"
      - "80:80"
  1. Execute while in the directory where docker-compose.yml is located:
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

PS: If you want to install updates, run: docker-compose pull && docker-compose stop && docker-compose up -d && docker system prune -a -f

Build from source code

On Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt update
sudo apt -y install git make gcc golang
git clone https://git.lcomrade.su/root/lenpaste.git
cd ./lenpaste/

You can find the result of the build in the ./dist/ directory.

Other documentation

For instance administrators:

For developers:

Might be interesting

Reviews and testimonials:

Bugs and Suggestion

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, email me at root@lcomrade.su.