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Semantic versioning is used (


  • UI: Added custom themes support. Added light theme.
  • UI: Added translations into Bengali and German (thanks Pardesi_Cat and Hiajen).
  • UI: Check boxes and spoilers now have a custom design.
  • Admin: Added support for X-Real-IP header for reverse proxy.
  • Admin: Added Server response header (for example: Lenpaste/1.3).
  • Fix: many bugs and errors.
  • Dev: Improved quality of Dockerfile and


  • UI: Add history tab.
  • UI: Add copy to clipboard button.
  • Admin: Rate-limits on paste creation (LENPASTE_NEW_PASTES_PER_5MIN or -new-pastes-per-5min).
  • Admin: Add terms of use support (/data/terms or -server-terms).
  • Admin: Add default paste life time for WEB interface (LENPASTE_UI_DEFAULT_LIFETIME or -ui-default-lifetime).
  • Admin: Private servers - password request to create paste (/data/lenpasswd or -lenpasswd-file).
  • Fix: Critical security fix!
  • Fix: not saving cookies.
  • Fix: display language name in WEB.
  • Fix: compatibility with WebKit (Gnome WEB).
  • Dev: Drop Go 1.15 support. Update dependencies.


  • Fixed: Incorrect operation of the maximum paste life parameter.
  • Updated README.


  • You can now specify author, author email and author URL for paste.
  • Full localization into Russian.
  • Added settings menu.
  • Paste creation and expiration times are now displayed in the user's time zone.
  • Add PostgreSQL DB support.


This is the first stable release of Lenpaste🎉

Compared to the previous unstable versions, everything has been drastically improved: design, loading speed of the pages, API, work with the database. Plus added syntax highlighting in the web interface.



  • Paste title
  • About server information
  • Improved documentation
  • Logging and log rotation
  • Storage configuration
  • Code optimization

Bug fixes:

  • Added ./version.json to Docker image
  • Added paste expiration check before opening
  • Fixed incorrect error of expired pastes
  • API errors now return in JSON



  • Alternative to
  • Creating expiration pastes
  • Web interface
  • API