• v1.2 4af62e068d

    v1.2 Stable

    root released this 11 months ago | 109 commits to main since this release

    • UI: Add history tab.
    • UI: Add copy to clipboard button.
    • Admin: Rate-limits on paste creation (LENPASTE_NEW_PASTES_PER_5MIN or -new-pastes-per-5min).
    • Admin: Add terms of use support (/data/terms or -server-terms).
    • Admin: Add default paste life time for WEB interface (LENPASTE_UI_DEFAULT_LIFETIME or -ui-default-lifetime).
    • Admin: Private servers - password request to create paste (/data/lenpasswd or -lenpasswd-file).
    • Fix: Critical security fix!
    • Fix: not saving cookies.
    • Fix: display language name in WEB.
    • Fix: compatibility with WebKit (Gnome WEB).
    • Dev: Drop Go 1.15 support. Update dependencies.