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Semantic versioning is used (https://semver.org/).
## v1.2
- UI: Add history tab.
- UI: Add copy to clipboard button.
- Admin: Rate-limits on paste creation (`LENPASTE_NEW_PASTES_PER_5MIN` or `-new-pastes-per-5min`).
- Admin: Add terms of use support (`/data/terms` or `-server-terms`).
- Admin: Add default paste life time for WEB interface (`LENPASTE_UI_DEFAULT_LIFETIME` or `-ui-default-lifetime`).
- Admin: Private servers - password request to create paste (`/data/lenpasswd` or `-lenpasswd-file`).
- Fix: **Critical security fix!**
- Fix: not saving cookies.
- Fix: display language name in WEB.
- Fix: compatibility with WebKit (Gnome WEB).
- Dev: Drop Go 1.15 support. Update dependencies.
## v1.1.1
- Fixed: Incorrect operation of the maximum paste life parameter.

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**Yes.** You can do the following:
- Create logo (favicon) to Lenpaste.
- Translation into other languages.
- Run your server and add it to [Lenmonitor](https://monitor.lcomrade.su/add).
- Run your server and add it to [Lenmonitor](https://monitor.lcomrade.su/add?srv=lenpaste).
- Write a tutorial, a review, or make a video.
- Suggest an idea.
- Report a bug.